MOARfit 20-Minute Total Body Workout & HIIT It and Quit It Playlist

Step 1: bump this Spotify playlist (and follow me for all my music)


We’re going old school with this playlist. Who doesn’t like Missy Elliot, Mase, Eve and more! I know music is a main motivator for me when I workout. What are your go-t0 sweat session jams?



Step 2: press play, no sound needed


(Please ignore my video editing 🙂 I’m still learning how to use text overlay!)



Step 3: post a picture or video of yourself doing one of these #MOARfitmoves on Instagram and tag me (@MOARfit) so I can check you out and give you some pro coaching tips!


Welcome to MOARfit!

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Welcome to MOARfit!

Thank you so much to those of you who have followed along with me on MOARyoga over the last year. As with all things in life, the MOAR mission is dynamic and growing. What started as a blog dedicated to yoga and nutrition around this time last fall, has evolved and will continue to transform into more–well MOARfit to be exact.

This next phase is a reflection of my foray into a more inclusive definition of mind-body wellness. MOARfit came to me in late summer as I realized that I want to offer my students, clients, and readers advice and feasible steps to become functionally fit in their daily lives–both mentally and physically. For some people that might mean yoga three days a week and a vegan diet. For others, a fusion of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), outdoor activities like biking and running, and yoga combined with a flexitarian or compassionate carnivore diet might be the best path to the best you. Whatever course you choose to to follow, MOARfit will be a valuable resource for you along the way.

I have transferred all of my old content over from MOARyoga to this new platform–MOARfit–and hope you will join me in this new and exciting manifestation of my vision for helping people be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

Sign up by clicking “Follow MOARfit” on the right sidebar and live life to the fullest by becoming functionally fit in both mind and body.

With gratitude and excitement for what’s to come!