Move Well DC | Mindful Yoga Therapy for PTS, Chronic Stress, and Transitions
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Mindful Yoga Therapy for PTS, Chronic Stress, and Transitions

Holding the Space

Amy Rizzotto

Amy Rizzotto is a yoga instructor (E-RYT, MYT-30, Budokon Yoga – 30, Rocket Yoga – 50) certified nutrition coach, healthy living blogger and wellness entrepreneur. Amy has always had a knack for business and passion for work-life balance. A practicing yogi herself for 13 years and outdoor exercise enthusiast all her life, Amy turned her healthy hobbies into a full-time career at the end of 2013 after years in global philanthropy, international development, and fundraising.

Amy incorporates a variety of styles into her creative classes and one-on-ones, including Rocket, Power Vinyasa, Yoga for Athletes and Budokon. Students can expect powerful and therapeutic poses linked thoughtfully in sequences designed to strengthen the body, steady the mind and uplift the spirit. Amy is certified in Power Vinyasa Yoga, Mindful Yoga Therapy for PTSD, Budokon and Rocket Yoga and has over 2,000 teaching hours under her belt.

After years of struggling with anxiety and knowing first-hand that yoga and mindfulness are her chosen, and most powerful means for coping with its effects, Amy is committed to sharing the therapeutic side of yoga, meditation, and pranayama with her students. Along with Emanuel Salazar, she has developed an integrated health and wellness retreat to help veterans suffering from PTSD and chronic illnesses. She has also adapted the Veteran Yoga Project’s 12-week Mindful Yoga Therapy program, guiding students struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic stress and PTSD in one-on-one and group settings through this powerful journey of healing and regaining confidence.

As a wellness coach and yoga instructor, Amy is dedicated to creating a synergy of movement, awakened eating and mindfulness for whole body and mind wellness. Her ultimate goal is to support and equip people as they discover their own unique path to long-term health and happiness.

Current Programs and Events


Do you struggle with PTS(D)? Are you chronically stressed, anxious, unmotivated, down on yourself, depleted or overwhelmed?

Amy’s adapted Mindful Yoga Therapy Program is an evidence-informed series designed to help those recovering from psychological trauma and difficulties. Participants will experience the power of movement, meditation, breathing exercises and yogic thought practices as a complementary, holistic coping mechanism to any ongoing therapy modalities and/or prescribed medications. It is not a replacement for medical attention. Join others in a supportive community and safe space where you’ll learn how to get out of your head and into your body.

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