Back in the Running Game: Accelerated 8-Week Half Marathon Training Program

Half Marathon Training Program

After three months of battling plantar fasciitis, I’m back in the saddle – or sneakers as it were. With the Richmond Half Marathon coming up 8 weeks from Sunday, it’s officially go time. I typically train for 12-16 weeks prior to a race. It’s almost always better to easy your way in and build up slowly. Injury is something we can’t control and sometimes you just have to,

“do what you can, with what you have, where you are” ~Teddy Roosevelt


This week marked week one of shorter runs, dedicated foam rolling, and targeted yoga practices. Sunday will be my first long run in months – fingers crossed! I’ll be running through the residual inflammation in my plantar fascia and will provide tips I learn for managing the pain while still rocking the program below.

What’s been working for me thus far? Rolling my arch and outer heel with a lacrosse ball every morning and evening, icing using a frozen water bottle after every run, and keeping the rest of my body loose, limber and rolled out. A diet low in inflammatory foods (sugar, gluten, red meat, etc) is part of the game plan as well. You are what you eat!

Do you have any tricks that have helped you train through injury?

Plantar Fasciitis Therapy

8-Week Half Marathon Training Program



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